Legend - Hand of God

Legend - Hand of God

Legend: hand of god is a role play game developed by Master Creating
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Legend: hand of god is a role play game developed by Master Creating.
For many years there was an alliance of the mankind, the elves and the dwarves, to fight together in case of war.

For decades, the Order of the Keepers of the Holy Flame has watched over the portal that once allowed demons to invade Aelfal. The ever-burning Holy Flame prevents another invasion - until one fateful night: The flame is extinguished and demonic hordes descend on the Order’s abbey.

Your character is Targon, a hero who has to save the world of Aris of a nasty demon infestation. The hand of god is the only thing which can seal the portal.
You will fight against orcs,and all kind of creatures such as a Minotaur. You will be a warrior and your skills will include magical spells while you move forward to the next level you will have more weapons.

Graphics and sound
The graphics are incredible the scenarios are well done. The sound effects are impressive and the soundtrack is nice.

To sum up, if you like this kind of story this is your game.

María Noel Balla
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